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Number Rotations

Kindergarten had a great morning engaging in a range of hands-on Number activities. Numbers, numbers, everywhere!

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Book Parade

Kindergarten had a fabulous morning walking through our beautiful school campus, dressed as our favourite book characters! We loved smiling and waving to our families along the way!

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Measuring Area

Kindergarten had a great time measuring the area of the classroom rug with their bodies. We had some close guesses!

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100 Days of Kindergarten

100 days! What fun we had!

Thank you to all of the parents who helped us celebrate with a delicious afternoon tea.



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Measurement in Kindergarten

Kindergarten were investigating the concept of Length in the last few weeks of Term 2. In this task they traced the feet of three classmates, then cut them out and pasted them in order from longest to shortest. The students were very engaged in this hands-on, play-based task and fortunately everyone managed to get their shoes back on before recess!

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We Love Our Buddies

Kindergarten had a great time engaging in many hands-on activities with their Year 6 buddies! What a wonderful way to wrap up Term 2!

Wishing all of our families a safe and relaxing break. We look forward to seeing you recharged and ready for another exciting term on Tuesday 24th July.

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Golden Ridge Farm Excursion

Kindergarten had an amazing excursion to the Golden Ridge Farm on Friday the 8th of June.

The day begun with a fantastic talk from Farmer Keegan. Even the teachers and parent helpers learnt some new things about the farm animals.

The children were engaged in an array of hands on experiences from feeding the animals, milking a cow and holding a chick, duckling and Rabbit kitten.

We were even able to go inside the pen with all the goats and lambs so we could pat them and run around altogether.

What a brilliant day learning about the animals and what they produce for us. We also learnt what the farmer has to do to look after the animals everyday.

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Do You Like Cheese?

Kindergarten have been having so many amazing learning experiences that it has been hard to keep up with the blog.

The Kindy teachers are going to work very hard to give you lots of updates, even if they are a little late 🙂

Kindergarten has been learning about collecting data in the past couple of weeks. They had so much fun ‘surveying’ their classmates. We asked the question…”Do you like cheese?” We then all made our own bar graphs to show our findings.

I wonder what other questions we could ask?


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Crazy Hair Day

What a brilliant way to end Term 2!

The Kindy teachers were very impressed with all the crazy hair styles- there are some very creative parents in our Kindy cohort.

We hope you had an amazing break and are now feeling a little less crazy 🙂

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Oz Opera


Here at Hills Grammar the students are so lucky to be exposed and engaged in such a wonderful range of quality learning experiences.

Kindy absolutely loved watching their first Oz Opera production in the last week of Term 1.

The beautiful Opera singers had them mesmerized and although Mozart’s story was a little tricky to follow the students enjoyed the humour and the audience involment.

Thank you Ms Arnold for giving Kindy this rich learning experience 🙂


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